01 May 2008


I went in the kitchen
And opened the fridge,
To find a bite to eat.

The sight was bewitchin’,
I saw a smidge
Of leftover luncheon meat.

My stomach growled.
I felt my mouth water,
As I reached in for my snack.

I jumped back and howled
Though, as my nose caught a
Stench that made me step back.

What I had thought
Was luncheon meat
Emitted a horrible smell.

The odor of rot
Was so complete,
I thought I’d entered Hell.

What I had mistaken
As roast beef or ham,
Or a slice of Boston butt,

Or old precooked bacon,
Or leftover spam,
I now thought of as leftover “what.”

I closed the door,
My appetite gone.
No way I was gonna try it!

The food was “to die for,”
And so I moved on...
I decided to start my diet.

©2008-Art Belliveau