09 May 2011

haiku 05/07/11

gardenia's fragrance
wafting through open window
before summer's heat

©2011-Art Belliveau

06 May 2011

haiku 05/06/11

oak tree silhouette
against early evening sky
crescent moon waxing

©2011-Art Belliveau

05 May 2011

haiku 05/05/11

smoke grey clouds hover
surrounding an orange moon
a fire in the sky

©2011-Art Belliveau

04 May 2011

senryu 05/04/11

enjoying a play
and what could make it better?
just your hand in mine

©2011-Art Belliveau

03 May 2011

haiku 05/03/11

winds blow through new leaves
cool breezes rustling along--
refreshing the land

©2011-Art Belliveau

in your eyes 05/02/11

i look into your eyes
seconds before our first kiss

i see desire struggling against caution
i see hope pulling away from fear

i see the same emotions
in your eyes
that are fighting for dominance
in mine

then we kiss
and the first hurdles
are overcome

©2011-Art Belliveau

02 May 2011

Poetry 05/01/11


Ghost words from centuries past
Jaunty words that create a happy theme
Unknown words, like azizy, for fun
Angry words that shout and scream

Sad words that break your heart
Loving words to heal it again
Release the words all the words
That are waiting to be freed from your pen

©2011-Art Belliveau

01 May 2011

meeting you (shadorma) 04/30/11

meeting you
has opened my eyes
to magic
to wonder
to new possibilities
to being happy

©2011-Art Belliveau

hay(na)ku 04/29/11

single night--
my life changed

©2011-Art Belliveau