09 August 2011

senryu 08/09/11

all that is needed
for the new school year to start:
where are my students?

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 08/08/11

angels throwing strikes
the sound reverberating
scares my little girl

©2011-Art Belliveau

08 August 2011

January 08/07/11


named for Janus
two headed god of doorways
of the joint concepts of
endings and beginnings
merging into one

every ending
so they say
(whovever they are)
leads to a new begining

every beginning is supposed to be
full of hope
full of promise
maybe so
maybe not

the idea that change
is inevitable
that nothing stays the same
is embodied in Janus
and his month: January

one year over
the next one a fresh slate
ready to be written on
by my life's experiences

so many times this past year
i have lived through Januaries
endings and beginnings
change the only constant
and now another one arrives

it is August
on the calendar at least
as a teacher
January is in my heart

last year is finally laid to rest
as the preparations for
the next school year begins

i wonder how many more Januaries
i have left within me

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 08/06/11

garden eels pop up
swaying in gentle currents
hoping food floats by

©2011-Art Belliveau

06 August 2011

senryu 08/05/11

my unordered life
seems a it more focused as
i neatly shelve books

©2011-Art Belliveau

04 August 2011

senryu 08/04/11

an empty classroom
waiting for the year to start
so much potential

©2011-Art Belliveau

shadorma 08/03/11

empty house
but it’s not lonely
who’d’ve known?
the quiet
serenity enfolds me
but please come back soon

©2011-Art Belliveau

02 August 2011

haiku 08/02/11

tomato plant grows
waiting for the fruit to come
patience is waning

©2011-Art Belliveau

01 August 2011

haiku 08/01/11

orange half moon hangs
floating above the black trees
a warm summer night

©2011-Art Belliveau