09 May 2014

27 Down--?? to Go

another school year winding down

this is the 27th time
i've made it to the finish line

more exhausted than i remember being
i cannot help but wonder
do i have another race left in me?

©2014-Art Belliveau

End of the School Year Shadorma

another year's
coming to an end
patience frays
spirit flags
i need a reset button--
that's what summer's for

©2014-Art Belliveau

08 May 2014

Relaxation Dream

a mountain cabin
on a cool autumn day
the sun is going down
birds calling to each other
wind sounding like rain in the trees
birds flying
trees swaying
the sky turning pink and orange
sitting in the hot tub
sipping a cool drink
not sure when i can return
but i'll be relaxed and happy
when i do

©2014-Art Belliveau