10 January 2015

So Far, So Good

So far today is going great,
Not one thing has gone wrong.
I have not once been running late,
Nor felt I don’t belong.

So far today I’ve not felt tired,
Nor the need to procrastinate.
I’ve not felt all uninspired,
Or the least inadequate.

Not one time have I felt depressed, nope,
Not once have I felt spineless.
I’m positive and full of hope,
Filled with the milk of human kindness.

I really want to keep this up,
And help these feelings spread.
I yawn and open my eyes, yup,
It’s time to get out of bed!

©2015-Art Belliveau

08 January 2015

Winter Poem

It's really windy out today,
It's blowing really hard.
I just saw the neighbor's doghouse
Flying through my yard.

And even though the sun is out,
It's really super cold.
I saw a flock of penguins,
As through my yard they strolled.

I think that I will stay inside,
Where it's so nice and warm.
Drink my cocoa, read my book,
That's my cold weather norm.

©2015-Art Belliveau