09 July 2007

The Intro Post

I wrote the original intro for this blog in July of 2007. It is now November of 2007 and I have added nothing to this blog. But last week a lady I used to teach with died young. And I am struck by the fact that there is never going to be enough time for me to get around to writing. I need to just do it and to hell with it.

I also listened to a Writer's Almanac today that featured a brief bio of William Blake. In order to get his poems printed, he started his own press. I am not comparing the quality or quantity of my work to Blake's, but I do intend to follow his example and self publish. Here.

If you like any of these poems, feel free to link to them. If you want to post them on your site or blog, I would appreciate a head's up. I also want to make sure that you give me credit for my work. Believe me, you probably wouldn't want most people to think you wrote most of this stuff anyway.