23 July 2008

Another American Day

I just found this. I wrote it in response to the Virginia Tech massacre.

Another American Day

Here we are, another American day
in the cruelest month of the year
a month that holds a festering wound
beneath a dirty scab
that is periodically ripped off again
as on this, another American day

The aftermath is predictable
on the news he is now a posterboy
for the most current round of spring insanity
a nobody elevated to demon status
a product of years falling through cracks
landing hard and making others suffer for him
on this, another American day

It is a replay every time
only the names and numbers change
only the location of the pain
Waco, Texas
Oklahoma City
Littleton, Colorado
Blacksburg, Virginia
Each a bloody April day
another American day

We didn’t learn before
and we won’t learn now
the same mistakes are made again and again
the same questions asked each time
the same answers given
the same debates argued
and in the end they’ll all lead
to another bloody American day

©2008-Art Belliveau