28 March 2011

spring storm 5/28/11

in the darkness
a storm rages
the eruptions of thunder
are in simultaneity
with the actinic flashes
of sheet lightning
strobing in my yard

i sit in the solitude
of a dark and quiet house
i look out

i think of you

©2011-Art Belliveau

24 March 2011

numb 3/24/11

the part that hurts most
oddly enough
is not that you left
is not that you walked away
from all we had together

the part that hurts most
is that slowly
day by day
i am becoming accustomed
to your absence

the numbness hurts more
than any pain

©2011-Art Belliveau

23 March 2011

unsent letters 3/23/11

i am writing letters
that I know i will never send
sharing the frustrations
and triumphs
that each day brings
telling you how i feel
asking questions

but i cannot send these to you
and they pile up
and one day
who knows when
they will be gone
like you

©2011-Art Belliveau

22 March 2011

senryu 03/22/11

the harder i squeeze
the quicker it disappears--
so i just let go

©2011-Art Belliveau

18 March 2011

unwanted revision

against my will
i am forced to revise my life
the changes multiply
day by day
another picture gone
day by day
another momento put away
as slowly I rewrite my future
by erasing your presence
writing over your absence
and changing the plot
to continue on
without you

©2011-Art Belliveau

02 March 2011

senryu 03/01/11

the sounds of laughter
once filled this home--but now it
echoes with silence

©2011-Art Belliveau

01 March 2011

diamante 2/28/11

replete, whole
laughing, loving, living
family, closeness, solitary, lonely
grieving, surviving, existing
quiet, empty

©2011-Art Belliveau