27 June 2011

senryu 06/26/11

your gleaming red hair
gives me another reason
for loving Auburn

©2011-Art Belliveau

26 June 2011

shadorma 06/25/11

i love books
they take me away
keep me safe
teach me life
but i never found in them
the love that you give

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 06/24/11

rain without thunder
thunder without any rain
the world's confusing

©2011-Art Belliveau

23 June 2011

haiku 06/23/11

waiting for the storm
watching the dark clouds loom near
but it never comes

©2011-Art Belliveau

22 June 2011

haiku 06/22/11

early birds singing
heralding in a new day--
i wish they'd shut up

©2011-Art Belliveau

shadorma 06/21/11

if only
mending a marriage
could be done
like glueing broken crok'ry
we'd have had a chance

©2011-Art Belliveau

21 June 2011

hay(na)ku 06/20/11

hounding me--
let me sleep

©2011-Art Belliveau

shadorma 06/19/11

your sweet voice
speaking or singing
warms my heart
makes me smile
but i love it best when you
whisper in my ear

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 06/18/11

ceiling fan humming
circulating the still air--
not cooling it down

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 06/17/11

wind blows from nowhere
knocks over the garbage can--
blows it down the street

©2011-Art Belliveau

senryu 06/16/11

a late night phone call
brings me joy and happiness
sets up naughty dreams

©2011-Art Belliveau

16 June 2011

senryu 06/15/11

words left unspoken
bricks in the wall of silence--
that broke us apart

©2011-Art Belliveau

15 June 2011

haiku 06/14/11

at compost heap's edge
watermelon seedlings sprout--
tender bright green shoots

©2011-Art Belliveau

13 June 2011

steak shadorma 06/13/11

grilling steak
aroma wafting
mouth waters
flip it over
add another layer of sauce
soon it will be gone

©2011-Art Belliveau

senryu 06/12/11

that which is so clear
late at night, from a distance
is muddied next day

©2011-Art Belliveau

12 June 2011

shadorma 06/11/11

the door's closed
i just feel relief
no more grief
nor anger
just a desire to move on--
see what life offers

©2011-Art Belliveau

today is just another day 06/10/11

today is just another day
the specialness has gone
you have left and gone away
today is just another day
i guess there's nothing left to say
another random, faceless dawn
today is just another day
the specialness has gone

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 06/09/11

half-closed eye watching
approaching the horizon--
ever-changing moon

©2011-Art Belliveau

senryu 06/08/11

new driver's license
have four years gone by so fast?
this pic doesn't suck!

©2011-Art Belliveau

quinzaine 06/07/11

You have gone away from me.
Why does it seem that
I don't care?

©2011-Art Belliveau

kwansaba 06/06/11

i need to kiss your soft lips
to feel the passion in your touch
to hear your heart beat for me
just as my heart beats for you
the fire in your soul warms me
makes me feel alive like never before
i cannot wait to see you again

©2011-Art Belliveau

11 June 2011

quinzaine 06/05/11

The evening sky darkens.
What, if anything,
will night bring?

©2011-Art Belliveau

sedoka 06/04/11

in your loving arms
all my troubles melt away
all my silly fears are calmed
you are distant now
insecurities return
strengthening with the silence

©2011-Art Belliveau

hay(na)ku 06/03/11

one hundred and six
the grass is slowly browning--
no rain is in sight

©2011-Art Belliveau

shadorma 06/02/11

suddenly strikes me
hammer hard
from nowhere
this is how my life will be
but that is a lie

©2011-Art Belliveau

shadorma 06/01/11

the end of
awaits me
from now on
i'll know you are real
life will never be the same
now that you are here

©2011-Art Belliveau

shadorma 05/31/11

silent flash
distant lightning strikes
clouds illume
then go black
the afterimage lingers
melds with the next burst

©2011-Art Belliveau

10 June 2011

memorial day senryu 05/30/11

thank you for freedom
you laid down your life for me--
i'll never forget

©2011-Art Belliveau

in the night i reach for you 05/29/11

in the night i reach for you
forgetting you're no longer there
i lay in tangled sheets--askew
in the night i reach for you
reliving played out deja vu
you are gone--i've ceased to care
in the night i reach for you
forgetting you're no longer there

©2011-Art Belliveau

senryu 05/28/11

i look at you now
and see almost a stranger--
how did that happen?

©2011-Art Belliveau

senryu 05/27/11

Alabama sun
burning away pretension--
heat levels us all

©2011-Art Belliveau

no more echoes 05/26/11

the emptiness of the house
no longer finds its echo
inside my heart

©2011-Art Belliveau

shadorma 05/25/11

in the night
i reach out for you
but you're gone
and nothing
can erase that simple fact--
but my life goes on

©2011-Art Belliveau

hay(na)ku 05/24/11

need you--
or do i?

©2011-Art Belliveau

09 June 2011

haiku 05/23/11

the sun burns fiercely--
incinerating color
from the pale blue sky

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 05/22/11

a dying cedar--
inch by inch its color turns
from green to rust red

©2011-Art Belliveau

senryu 05/21/11

first day of freedom
hiking in isolation
but I'm not lonely

©2011-Art Belliveau

hay(na)ku 05/20/11

is out--
but not forever.

©2011-Art Belliveau

08 June 2011

Molly's Got the Sillies 05/19/11

Molly has the sillies,
She's giggled all day long.
She laughed, guffawed, and snickered,
And she's still going strong.

She had milk shoot out her nose,
As she was rolling on the floor.
She can barely catch her breath,
I don't think she can take much more.

It really is confusing,
Why she is going on this way.
Nothing funny happened,
It's an ordinary day.

©2011-Art Belliveau

Perspective 05/18/11

he watched the anthill
for hours
on hot, sunny, summer's day
he marveled at them
the neat, orderly lines
moving in and out
of their colony
what should have
to his mind
been chaos
was order instead

hearing his mother call
he finally got up to leave
raising his sneakered foot
to cast a dark shadow
on what he had so long observed

before he could bring his foot down
on the helpless insects below
the sun was obscured
by a gigantic black cloud
casting the boy inure dark shadow

he looked up
and put his foot down
far from the anthill

as the sun began to shine on him again
he hurried himself home

©2011-Art Belliveau

tanka 05/17/11

all the trees and birds
so what if i don't know their names?
they're still beautiful
to me their names' mystery
only adds to their wonder

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 05/16/11

can't sit here too long
kudzu vines are growing wild
they might cover me

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 05/15/11

a rusty black grill
overgrown with green kudzu
summer is starting

©2011-Art Belliveau

07 June 2011

keep up 05/14/11

a mother
walking along the trail
young child in tow
a time and a place
to stop
to look
to wonder
a schedule to keep
on this beautiful day

the child follows
seeing a new wonder
at every step
admiring the view
with every glance

but each stop he makes
is met with an irritated
"Come on! Hurry! Keep up!"

he listens
learns to ignore the beauty
all around
in order to get to
the end of the trail
that much faster

©2011-Art Belliveau

Who Am I? 05/13/11

Who Am I?

I am...
Sarah's almost ex
Molly's Daddy
Barbara's son
Ryk's friend
Bob's brother

I am...
a teacher
a poet
a blogger
a writer

I am...

I am...

I am...

©2011-Art Belliveau

Providence Canyon 05/12/11

canyon walls
clay red
chalk white
mottled granite
taller than
the long leaf pine
towering over the canyon floor
hardwoods grow up from
the drop off around me
there tops
even with my head
nature has taken
the folly of man
and turned it into
a thing of beauty

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 05/11/11

abandoned pickup
rusting sideways near the trail
oak growing though it

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 05/10/11

insects, frogs, and birds
a constant in the background--
nature's own soundtrack

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 05/09/11

uprooted live oak
laying against the hillside
down but still alive

©2011-Art Belliveau

when i hold you in my arms 05/08/11

when i hold you in my arms
i stop thinking about me
and all i want to do
is protect you
keep you safe
and let you know that
you are loved

©2011-Art Belliveau