30 April 2011

haiku 04/28/11

a vanilla cone
perfect for a blazing day--
melting on the street

©2011-Art Belliveau

27 April 2011

haiku 04/27/11

Armageddon sounds
but it’s not a tornado--
a low flying jet

©2011-Art Belliveau

Near Miss 04/26/11

Too quiet.
Stagnant summer night.
Close, waiting, motionless, deathlike.
Sudden wind gusts shatter the calmness, bend the trees low.
Rushing currents of air whistle, moan, and shriek loudly.
Then, suddenly, they stop again.
The storm’s slipped on by.
In its wake
New life

©2011-Art Belliveau

26 April 2011

Late at Night, I Think of You

It’s time for me to start anew,
Time to move forward on my own.
But, late at night, I think of you.

To the past I’ll bid adieu,
Yet reap the seeds I’ve careless sown.
It’s time for me to start anew.

Making tough choices is overdue.
It’s hard to leave the life I’ve known.
But, late at night, I think of you.

Now that my world’s been knocked askew,
And the lie put to all I thought I’d known,
It’s time for me to start anew.

I have no doubt I’ll muddle through,
And if I must, I’ll walk alone.
But, late at night, I think of you.

As always I’ll do what I must do,
And move ahead to... where? Unknown.
It’s time for me to start anew.
But, late at night, I think of you.

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 04/24/11

frozen moonlight falls
turning summer to winter
on a hot, June night

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 04/23/11

stars dance overhead
as the wind begins to blow--
pirouetting leaves

©2011-Art Belliveau

senryu 04/22/11

a hard week’s over
the end of the year’s in sight
four Fridays to go

©2011-Art Belliveau

21 April 2011

enter here with care 04/21/11

enter here with care
my heart needs repair
it's true

you must be aware
i will take this dare
will you?

i will not despair
we can make repair
we two

©2011-Art Belliveau

20 April 2011

19 April 2011

clean slate 04/19/11

summer storm
washes cares away
tensions ease
worries flow
the slate's cleaned for another day
and i feel renewed

©2011-Art Belliveau

18 April 2011

It's You 04/18/11

It's you.
My heart soars
When I hear your voice.
And, when I get lost in your eyes,
I swear by all that's Holy, I don't want to be found.

©2011-Art Belliveau

17 April 2011

haiku 04/17/11

through the church window
God’s brilliant colors delight--
much more than stained glass

©2011-Art Belliveau

senryu 04/16/11

the sound of your voice
filled with warmth and good humor--
it’s a healing balm

©2011-Art Belliveau

summer storm 04/15/11

summer storm

first the sky is bright with summer sun
the breezes gentle
the sky a porcelain blue bowl
inverted overhead
almost imperceptibly
at first
the winds pick up power
branches sway and
loose leaves begin to dance
from the west
a dark band of clouds
flows across the sky
like dark molasses
the first whispers of thunder
are heard from a distance
the clouds scarred by lightning
the sun is cut off from the earth
the winds roar steadily
the thunder bellows in rage
and the lightning attacks
as the the rain dumps down
over the sussurations of rain hitting the ground
a new sound is heard
like frying bacon or
a loose eltrical wire soaked in water
the sound of hail
striking the sidewalk and pavement
the day dark as night
as what looks like
rages on and on
and stops
almost as though a switch were thrown
the hail melted
the clouds thinning
the temperature dropped
the rain spent
and the thunder again
a whisper in the distance

©2011-Art Belliveau

14 April 2011

haiku 04/14/11

in the tranquil night
breaking the serenity-
a lonesome dog barks

©2011-Art Belliveau

13 April 2011

haiku 04/13/11

naked yesterday
suddenly green leaves abound
your verdant raiment

©2011-Art Belliveau

12 April 2011

tanka 04/12/11

yesterday's stormfront
both destructive and cleansing--
prepared today's calm
harsh winds become soft breezes
black skies scrubbed to quiet blue

©2011-Art Belliveau

11 April 2011

haiku 04/11/11

ground covered with white
not melting, but yellowing
dogwood blossoms fall

©2011-Art Belliveau

haiku 04/10/11

cloudless night so far
heavy winds blow from the west
bringing a huge storm

©2011-Art Belliveau

10 April 2011

senryu 04/09/11

on the lake's far side
trees obscure expensive homes
i prefer nature

©2011-Art Belliveau

08 April 2011

haiku 04/08/11

tunderstorms threaten
staining the sky with blackness--
that never comes close

©2011-Art Belliveau

07 April 2011

haiku 04/07/11

dogwood tree in bloom
the white flowers shimmering
beneath a pale moon

©2011-Art Belliveau

06 April 2011

Charlie Brown & Lucy 04/06/11

Charlie Brown & Lucy

she did it to me again
gained my trust
soothed my fears
nursed my hope
made false promises

i wanted to believe her so much
i wanted it to be real this time
and I knew that this time
it would be different

i let her persuade me
even knowing somewhere deep inside
that this would end in pain

i rushed toward her
heart pounding
adrenaline pumping
eyes shining with excitement and joy
knowing it would happen
knowing this time there'd be no heartbreak

i reached her and aimed high
i let go and
as always
she jerked it away again
leaving me to fly into the air

as i momentarily hang there
for that split second of time
suspended above the hard reality
of the unyielding grass below me

i feel a secret rush
of joy and fear
and i know

i know
i knew
i've always known
i will always know

and even knowing that
i also know that next time
i'll do it again

©2011-Art Belliveau

05 April 2011

senryu 04/05/11

a door is moving
it's opening or closing--
i just can't tell which

©2011-Art Belliveau

04 April 2011

diamante 4/04/11

wise, visionary
helping, giving, building
chained, screaming, tortured, defiant
harming, taking, destroying
clever, malicious

©2011-Art Belliveau

03 April 2011

without me 04/03/11

without me

the world would be
a quieter place
less yelling
less laughing
less orders barked out
less songs badly sung

there is enough
silence in the world
already as it is

so i am here
you can hear
barbaric yawps
murmured prayers
whispered secrets
belly laughs

the sounds that break
the silence cocoon

©2011-Art Belliveau

02 April 2011

senryu 04/02/11

i call out your name
hoping you'll somehow hear me
even though you're gone

©2011-Art Belliveau

01 April 2011

silence 4/01/11


silence got me here
silence built up slowly
each unspoken syllable
another brick in the wall
mortared together with
fatigue and boredom
built so thick and sturdy
that it took over everything
and has become
my closest companion

©2011-Art Belliveau