31 December 2009


the old year ends
and tomorrow we begin
the journey forward

©2009-Art Belliveau


a taste of freedom
time alone as man and wife
Grandma babysits

©2009-Art Belliveau


snow disappearing
underneath the shining sun
how quickly things change

©2009-Art Belliveau


a spreading sickness
so soon after Christmas Day
it doesn't seem fair

©2009-Art Belliveau


slip slidin' away
was a much better song than
car experience

©2009-Art Belliveau

27 December 2009


night after night
burns away
seeking what i cannot find

©2009-Art Belliveau

26 December 2009


christmas stars
burning brightly overhead
as brightly as they did
two thousand years ago
when a poor child
born to an unwed mother
was refused room
at his future stepfather's
family guesthouse
born without a place to stay
the stars shone down on that child
born in destitution
shone down as brightly then
as they do on the poor
and homeless
the lonely
and the unwanted
in our world today

©2009-Art Belliveau

24 December 2009

Revision of word knives

razor's edge

when used carefully
are the razor
that shaves away
leaving the plain truth
in sight

when used carelessly
can be as cruel
and as hurtful
as that razor
pulled across the throat

although with
the pain is not
so quickly over

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 12/24/09

laid in a manger
foreshadowing His future
as Bread for the world

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 12/23/09

silent snow falling
blanketing the trees and ground,
and the homeless, too

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 12/23/09

silent snow falling
blanketing the trees and ground,
and the homeless, too

©2009-Art Belliveau

23 December 2009

word knives

when used carelessly
can be as cruel
and as hurtful
as a knife
across the throat
although with
the pain is not
so quickly over

©2009-Art Belliveau

21 December 2009

car ride

the road moves below me
as i sit in my car
focused straight ahead
as the miles go by
the scenery is moot
as the traffic is
what must be watched

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 12/20/09

Molly’s Christmas play
she was the cutest angel
it was type-casting

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 12/19/09

vacation’s first day
i’m busier than ever
there’s no time to rest

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 12/18/09

first semester’s done
there’s time now to recover
before a new start

©2009-Art Belliveau

17 December 2009

haiku 12/17/09

under moonless skies
stretching to infinity
a lonely cat yowls

©2009-Art Belliveau

haiku 12/16/09

under the night sky
slowly the frost starts to spread
over sleeping grass

©2009-Art Belliveau

15 December 2009

Missing You

I miss you a lot.
Even when it isn't raining.
Even when it isn't cold.
Even when it isn't foggy.
Sometimes I even miss you
When you are right here beside me
Worlds away

©2009-Art Belliveau

14 December 2009

I'm Me 12/14/09

I am who I am.
And I am not certain,
even when I am unhappy
or outright pissed off at
who I am
that I would want to be
anyone else.

Maybe that is cowardly of me
hugging onto this one exitence I have known
I am not able to do
anything else.

©2009-Art Belliveau

13 December 2009

i know how you see me

i know how you see me
i should
you have told me often enough
each time you do
i want more and more
to be the person you see
instead of just
the person i am

©2009-Art Belliveau


things i've let
slip through my fingers:

©2009-Art Belliveau

11 December 2009

my puppy

she's old now
my puppy

even after 15 years
she is still
my puppy

whiter head
slower walk
hearing going
sight going
gall bladder going


when i look at the love
that still shines from her eyes
and see the excitement
when i come home

i know this sick, old dog
will always be

my puppy

©2009-Art Belliveau

10 December 2009

self pity senryu

heavy as lead weights
sinking those nearest to me
i hate depressions

©2009-Art Belliveau

09 December 2009

Villanelle--Chaste Behavior's Overrated

Chaste behavior’s overrated.
It just won’t work for everyone.
Being naughty’s much more fun.

Many of the girls I dated.
Agreed with me and we had fun.
Chaste behavior’s overrated.

When we parted, we were sated,
After all was said--and done.
Being naughty’s much more fun.

But through the years, I grew too jaded;
Tired of not having that special One.
Chaste behavior’s overrated?

No longer did I feel elated,
Always moving to the next one.
Being naughty’s much more fun?

Now I’m settled down and mated.
With that old advice I’m done:
Chaste behavior’s overrated;
Being naughty’s much more fun.

©2009-Art Belliveau

charlie brown's teacher 12/08/09

i've always envied
charlie brown's teacher
she sits (or stands
she is never seen, so who knows?)
her voice blares in her
"wha wha whaaaaa"
unintelligible to me
but always clearly understood
by those in her class

where can i get
communication skills
like that?

©2009-Art Belliveau

07 December 2009

Too Many Voices

I’m trying to write from
      my heart today--
The only trouble with that is
      my heart isn’t speaking to me
As I listen for it
      I notice other voices chiming in
My appendix has its opinions
      but, mostly, they are redundant
My spleen (of course) wants to vent
      and spew its bile all over the place
My colon tried to unload, too
      but I think it should not be (seen or) heard
My brain has too much going on
      the different voices cancel out
So, since my heart (apparently) won’t talk today
      I think I’ll have to wait and
Write that poem tomorrow

©2009-Art Belliveau

yucky senryu

my stomach’s roiling
i’m afraid it will explode
that would be messy

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 12/07/09

sitting in class, bored
i’ve seen it all already
teachers have it rough

©2009-Art Belliveau

lethargy senryu

like a giant snake
lethargy coils around me
squeezing me to death

©2009-Art Belliveau

a senryu for Pearl Harbor Day

day of infamy
a cowardly attack that
launched US into war

©2009-Art Belliveau


looking into the future
myopically (of course)
never seeing as far ahead
as i think i should be able to
i’ve noticed though--
the past is just as blurry
when i look there

©2009-Art Belliveau

06 December 2009

Homework Blues

I cannot lift my backpack,
My homework weighs a ton.
I have to finish all of it,
Before I get to have some fun.

It will take at least three hours,
Or maybe even more.
My homework makes me fall asleep,
It really is a bore.

I wish it took five minutes,
Then I’d really have it made.
Three hours of homework is way too much,
I’m just in second grade!

©2009-Art Belliveau

Hoping for Snow

I wish that it would snow today,
At least three feet or more.
I want to see the back yard all white,
And feel the cold wind come through the open door.

I want to build a snowman,
And have a snowball fight.
I want to wear flannel pajamas,
And sleep under my blankets tonight.

I want to shiver with the cold,
And see the fog come out my mouth.
And I want a snowday out of school,
Too bad I live in the Deep South.

©2009-Art Belliveau

03 December 2009

Teacher Math

30 students
-1 in the ALC
-2 in ISS
-5 absent
-8 sleeping
-2 doing homework (for another class, of course)
-4 daydreaming
-7 who just won't understand
1 wasted class period

or maybe not
if that one kid left
has really learned something today

©2009-Art Belliveau

02 December 2009

consequences of truth 12/02/09

scraped raw
by jagged-tooth
implacable truth

i would rather
have these

than wrap myself
in the false safety
of well-intentioned lies

©2009-Art Belliveau

the dance 12/01/09 draft two

constantly we circle
as the music pounds

twisting and turning
falling and rising

sometimes closer
sometimes farther away

darting in and out
hips swaying

adagio to allegro
in constant motion

yearning to end the dance
and fall into each other

but the music
yes the music

drives us
relentlessly on

©2009-Art Belliveau

the dance 12/01/09

constantly we circle
sometimes closer
sometimes farther away
darting in and out
in constant motion
longing to end the dance
but the music
yes the music
it constantly
drives us on

©2009-Art Belliveau

01 December 2009

yuletide 11/30/09

one by one they change
the darkness lifted
house by house
the yards transformed
to winter wonderlands
even in the South
where snow’s called rain
each house adding a light
against the gloominess
of the lengthening nights
shining together
as we shine
lit from within

©2009-Art Belliveau

certainty 11/29/09

i am not certain
of much
of anything
i do believe
in you

©2009-Art Belliveau

adrenaline rush

i know it’s bad
when the drone of
my own voice
threatens to put
even me asleep
and i watch the heads
slowly nod
jerk up
but eventually succumb
to gravity
then i use the words
that magically energize
everyone in the room
“take out a piece of paper
and something to write with--
we are going to take a pop quiz
on this”

©2009-Art Belliveau

panic 11/27/09

there i was
drowning again
adrift in the turbulent seas
of my own unchecked
and i called to her
to throw me a line
and as she did
i had a flash of fear
as i prayed there was not
an anchor attached

©2009-Art Belliveau

27 November 2009


the dinner is over
the dishes done
all the welcome chaos
of family and friends
has quieted
there is a pause
ever shorter
before the race
to the next holiday

©2009-Art Belliveau

26 November 2009

senryu 11/25/09

i breathe you in and
your essence permeates me

©2009-Art Belliveau

dysphoria supreme

flowing like
wet cement
covering me
filling me
then hardening
leaving me
unable to move
or breathe
or call out for help
dysphoria supreme

©2009-Art Belliveau

Bernoulli’s Principle (or Love?)

Bernoulli’s Principle (or Love?)

i hardly understand you
yet you are there
my lack of understanding
has no impact upon your reality
a disbelief in you
would not make you disappear
although invisible
your effect is profound
you make flight possible
and even i
can see and understand
that much

©2009-Art Belliveau

you and i

you and i
we are so far apart
in space
in age
in experience


i have never felt
(not even once)
the closeness i feel
with you

©2009-Art Belliveau

22 November 2009

senryu 11/21/09

from 900 miles
i still feel you touch my soul
you are always near

©2009-Art Belliveau

20 November 2009

What I Need

To teach writing
      I need your trust
As I lead you away from
      habits built up over years
Trust in the silly exercises
      designed to break you free
Trust in the techniques of
      revision and editing I teach

Most of all--
      and this is key--
I need you to trust
      my good intentions
And believe I will not lead you--

©2009-Art Belliveau

19 November 2009

wandering around in philadelphia

no set destination
in a city i don’t know
a city
steeped in history
a city
that birthed a nation
seeing the modern
instead of the historic
seeing statues
impressive and looming
and not
the pervasive energy of
is lacking here
the energy is less manic
more staid
as befits a place
that birthed a nation

©2009-Art Belliveau

18 November 2009

ungilded wings

as a child
i took my first plane ride
it was not a happy time
we were going to a funeral
my mother and i
her grandmother’s
a woman i can barely
rmember now

it was so formal
we dressed our best
we got there shortly before takeoff
no security checks
no TSA
that was in the future
just an unavoidable expense
to get us there
on time

no more romance
in flying today
it has become
as most experiences do
over forty years
of repetition

and even though
the flight i take now
is not to such a sad occasion
the trip is made sadder
by all the people
reading papers
never once trying to see
the now familiar sight
of the top side of clouds

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 11/17/09

waiting's difficult
is it really possible?

©2009-Art Belliveau

17 November 2009

senryu 11/16/09

i know you are there
even when i can't see you
knowing that warms me

©2009-Art Belliveau

15 November 2009

haiku 11/15/09

under a vast sky
in the shade of giant oaks
a single leaf blows

©2009-Art Belliveau

14 November 2009


here is an irony
           that could not be made up
in the bookstore
           next to the coffee shop
                with its pastries and
                high calorie additions to
                a simple cup of coffee
I see all the books
           I would never want to read
on various and miraculous ways
           to lose weight
their bright eye-catching colors
           calling out for attention
over the noise of grinding coffee
           and clanking plates

©2009-Art Belliveau

Hey, You

Hey, you
I hope you're there
           reading my words
           hearing my voice
remembering our times together
           more with fondness than regret
no matter how many
           or how few
will read this poem
you're the one I'm writing this for
you're the one I want to touch
           deep inside
and it would be terrible if you never read it
           never knew
I wrote another poem
           for you

©2009-Art Belliveau

13 November 2009

drowning 11/13/09

i have stayed afloat
on the rising tides
of life’s misfortunes

i have surfed
on the tsunamis
of unforseen calamities

so why is it i drown
when you shed
a single tear?

©2009-Art Belliveau

ground fire 11/12/09

so many years
of knowing you
loving you

you might think
the fiery passions
of my love would
to flicker out

but you would be wrong

this passion is
a ground fire

beneath the surface

awaiting its chance
to burn through
and reignite
the inferno

©2009-Art Belliveau

the crush 11/11/09

the crush
i never have the courage
to tell you my deepest feelings
when we’re together
i cover them up
with smiles
and jokes
and small talk
of inconsequential matters
with difficulty
i keep smiling
as you tell me about
your newest boyfriend
i control my urge
to pull you close
as you lay your hand on my arm
and tell me how
i really should find myself a nice girl
i have found one
the problem is
she doesn’t see me
a girl
who stars in my dreams night and day
a girl
i’d build my whole life around
a girl
who misses the
obviousness of my love
i can’t tell you
any of this
of course
i can’t bear the thought
that you might laugh
even worse
that you might feel sorry for me
because you don’t
share my feelings
my fear overwhelms my pain
i’m afraid
to take the chance
of losing what we have
to take the risk
you’d back away from me
away from the closeness
we now share
so i’d never get
the chance to win
so i watch you
from a safe distance
and i talk to you
but not of my feelings
and i go home
aching with loneliness
and beating myself up
for being a coward
as you go out
with your newest guy
©2009-Art Belliveau

10 November 2009

11/10/09 senryu

a swirling maelstrom
randomly scatters my thoughts--
it’s the sight of you

©2009-Art Belliveau

11/09/09 senryu

rains are pouring down
but even in the deluge
my well is empty

©2009-Art Belliveau

11/08/09 broken promises

the sun shines down
on the cool world of morning
promising a day
fully fit for outdoor fun

never hinting in its greeting
that the dark clouds of storm
will be here soon
to make mockery of our plans

©2009-Art Belliveau

11/07/09 Treading Water

Treading water
      From before I learned to swim
      Past diving in for my first time
      Past going in over my head again and again
      In the rough waters of life
      Sometimes--often--the best I can do
      Is use the buddy system and keep
Treading Water

©2009-Art Belliveau

06 November 2009

senryu 11/06/09

a family walk
through the cool dark fall ev'ning--
bonding together

©2009-Art Belliveau

05 November 2009

senryu 11/05/09

always reaching out
seeking elusive connection
but you just aren't there

©2009-Art Belliveau


First time I tried, I didn't succeed,
And so, I tried once more.
I gave my all--ahead full speed!
Lost out, just like before.
Unwilling to admit defeat,
Redoubling my effort I came to the fore.
Enabled by determination, my goal I did complete,
Showing failure is often success's front door.

©2009-Art Belliveau

03 November 2009

senryu 11/03/09

drowning in paper
the more of them i grade
the less i get done

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 11/02/09

wake in a panic
rush to get ready for church
to find time fell back

©2009-Art Belliveau

Snack Time

My tummy's feeling empty,
I am ready for a snack.
I look into the pantry,
Where I hide my stuff in back.

I pull out a bag of pretzels,
Some cookies and some chips.
My mouth begins to water;
There's a grin upon my lips.

I grab an apple and banana,
An orange and a pear,
Some grapes and peanut butter,
That I see sitting there.

I grab some milk to wash it down,
And then the food devour.
I have to eat quickly though,
Cause dinner's in an hour.

©2009-Art Belliveau

31 October 2009

four molecules


four molecules
that's all
just four
repeated in
infinite combinations

four molecules
joined together
forming two helixes
that interlock
and form the basis
for life

how can this be?
how can everything depend
on just
four molecules?

©2009-Art Belliveau

29 October 2009

black holes

In the heart of
the Milky Way Galaxy
lies a gigantic
black hole
created by
a collapsing star
and sucking
all the light away

In the heart of
my body
lies a gigantic
black hole
created by
a collapsing love
and sucking
all the light away

©2009-Art Belliveau

28 October 2009

Be Your Self

It's more than okay to be your self,
Sometimes it's even thrilly.
So be original, be creative,
And never fear looking silly.

©2009-Art Belliveau


I'll run,
And hide,
And run some more--
And then pick up the pace.
I bet that Momma's sorry now
She went and named me Chase!

©2009-Art Belliveau

haiku 10/28/09

the warmth of the sun
combines with gentle breezes
the perfect combo

©2009-Art Belliveau

haiku 10/27/09

drenching rain persists
if this keeps up I'll have to
look for gopher wood

©2009-Art Belliveau

26 October 2009

ebb tide

ebb tide

slowly the passions recede
exposing reason and clarity
the tide inexorably moving out
for now
but soon
the tide will rise again
perhaps in tsunami strength
and what will we do then?

©2009-Art Belliveau

25 October 2009



more devastating
your harshest word
your silence

more painful
your hardest blow
your absence

©2009-Art Belliveau

24 October 2009

senryu 10/24/09

the temperature drops
the night is longer than day
yet i'm still sleepless

©2009-Art Belliveau

23 October 2009

night music

attempting to sleep
and exhausted
loud music
keeps me awake
as the neighbors insist
on sharing their tunes
the whole wide world
the beat is strong
rock and roll
lives on
could it maybe wait
until tomorrow?

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 10/22/09

trav'ling through a fog
even though the day is clear--
damn these allergies!

©2009-Art Belliveau

21 October 2009


i lay buried
in the daily grind
of day to day existence
zombie-ing back and forth
completing my assigned tasks
doing what needs to be done
as if from miles away

and then your touch
brings me back
to life

©2009-Art Belliveau

20 October 2009

before you

before you
i thought i knew
what love was all about
i had experienced it
i had lived it
i had it down pat

but then you arrived
and from the first glimpse of you
when you looked into my eyes
when i held you tightly to me
i knew i was wrong

i felt the other half
of my heart
blossom open in the light
of your love

six years so far
and it has only gotten better
as i watch you grow
see you develop into
your own person
from the tiny baby
who taught this old man
what love really is

©2009-Art Belliveau

19 October 2009


sitting together in a car
driving nowhere in particular
hanging out in the house
doing the cleaning together
you dealing mockingly
with my grumpiness
at the necessity of it
going out to a nice dinner
after seeing a movie
holding hands
while taking a walk
watching tv
reading books together
the mundane
the ordinary
there is a magic there
a growing together
that i want to experience with you

©2009-Art Belliveau

18 October 2009

senryu 10/18/09

a beautiful day
combined with a sick stomach
sort of cancels out

©2009-Art Belliveau

haiku 10/17/09

first cold day arrives
Alabama October
it won't last for long

©2009-Art Belliveau

17 October 2009

what a difference

what a difference
the old cliche goes
a day makes

worst of all
it is correct

i hate it when cliches do that

to go from one emotional extreme
to the other
to go from the wightless joy of free fall
to the crushing depths of the deep dark
in less than 24 hours

so hard to breathe
hard to move
hard to be heard through
the darkness around me

please God--let tomorrow
be different


©2009-Art Belliveau

he came back again 10/15/09

he came back again
just like he promised
but when he spoke
he didn;t say the things
they expected him to say
even though he and letterman
had a lot of laughs
(and wasn’t Leno jealous?)
he didn’t validate their prejudices
he didn’t say that
not only was what they felt right
it was righteous
so they tuned him out
he couldn’t get get booked
on anymore talk shows
so he wandered the streets
his heart full as he talked
to others like him
and told them his ideas
and helped them
however he could
finally back at home again
with the people he knew best

©2009-Art Belliveau

14 October 2009

Telling the Truth

Tellling the truth
Takes no skill
Open your mouth
And let out what you will
The chips may fall
(And fall on you)
But being honest
Is the best thing to do.

©2009-Art Belliveau

13 October 2009

Nebulous Connections

Nebulous Connections

giant clouds of
floating cosmic dust
in time
the individual particles of dust
will be pulled together
through the magic of gravity's
mutual attraction
they will come closer
and closer
and coalesce into
a new star
burning hot and bright
for all to see

two individuals
floating through life
amid giant crowds
of the earth's population
in time
these two
will be pulled together
through the magic of their personalities'
mutual attraction
they will come closer
and closer
and join together
to become one
a new life
burning hot and bright
for all to see

©2009-Art Belliveau

12 October 2009

the years go by

the years go by
and the calendar says
each one is the same length
from my point of view
each one shorter than the last
could both measures be right?

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 10/11/09

even on Sunday
run from one thing to the next
where's the time to rest?

©2009-Art Belliveau

A Day in the Life 10/10/09

A Day in the Life

Wake up late and rush about
Head to work today without
Taking time to think or pray
It's another busy day

First block starts and I'm not there
I'm dropping off Molly, but I'm aware
The school day started without me
So many places I need to be

I get to school, to class, to start
Grading papers, trying not to lose heart
Checking my email, preparing to teach
Being caught up always just out of reach

The bell goes off as first block ends
All the work left ungraded nearly sends
Me into a panic, but I've no time for that
It's time to wear my instructor's hat

I push, I pull, I motivate
Put out fires that just can't wait
Running around like a cat on fire
Blood sugar lower, blood pressure higher

It often seems they just don't care
And that we're not getting anywhere
I deeply hope that I'm not right
And I keep on struggling-keep up the fight

In what seems like minutes and nothing more
The bell again rings and they're out the door
Third block enters--it's their turn now
I'll do better this block, I vow

It seems we've barely gotten a start
When the lunch bell rings and they depart
My time sense must be greatly wrong--
A class can't be less than five minutes long

I open my lunchbox, start to eat
The bell goes off--time for fourth block to meet
They all come in, sit down, and then
The last bell rings--the day's at an end

Somehow in classes that went by in a blink
I've new piles to grade but still I think
I'll take a minute to unwind and to rest
Today has surely been a test

I check the time and get a shock
I start to hate that stupid clock
I've barely had time to stretch and yawn
Yet somehow two hours have come and gone

I run and get Molly, we go eat at BK
We still aren't done with this busy day
We head for karate--she has a class--
While she blocks and kicks, I grade one more set real fast

Then home and homework and bath and snack
I read to her, she reads to me back
She falls asleep and I chat with my wife
For just a few minutes relief from the strife

She heads for bed (she's smarter than me)
I sit on the couch and watch news on TV
I open the computer and go online
Play games and chat and try to unwind

I blink my eyes twice and it's past midnight
The freaking clock just can't be right
I head for bed and just plain pass out
Then wake up late and rush about...

©2009-Art Belliveau

09 October 2009

senryu 10/09/09

i love tomorrow
so fresh and full of promise
not unlike today

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 10/08/09

another morning
get out of bed, go to work
make a difference

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 10/07/09

waiting all my life
hoping it will someday start
so much time wasted

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 10/06/09

hamster in a wheel
solving the same damn problems
ev’ry single day

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 10/05/09

a tide of sewage
rising up and drowning me
no more nightly news

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 10/04/09

you’re like a puzzle
i find myself intrigued with
the final picture

©2009-Art Belliveau

Surprise? 10/03/09

“You mean we have a test today?”
Several kids, in wonder, say.
“You didn’t tell us! We didn’t know!”
Oh my, how they put on a show.
It’s been up there on the board all week,
For anyone who cared to take a peek.
But they try to convince me that to them this is news.
And now on to the test, while they feel the blues.

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 10/02/09

i hear blood thunder
temple veins throb painfully
another headache

©2009-Art Belliveau

01 October 2009

senryu 10/01/09

a moment of ire
let loose rather than controlled--
how much harm was done?

©2009-Art Belliveau

30 September 2009

i see you

i see you
not merely the physicality
anyone can do that
not just the spirituality
for that shines forth also
not only the public face
you show smiling to the world
i see you
the real you
i like what i see

©2009-Art Belliveau

29 September 2009


as the tides
rise and fall
then rise again
as the planets
circle the sun
in eternal rotation
the cycles
reassure me
when life goes wrong
that it will
one day
be right again

©2009-Art Belliveau

28 September 2009

haiku 9/28/09

cooler winds blow now--
storms that ended the summer have
ushered in the fall

©2009-Art Belliveau

27 September 2009

senryu 9/27/09

late night thunderstorms
lightning, thunder, wind, and you--
who could ask for more?

©2009-Art Belliveau

you are that someone

you are that someone

the someone i have waited for
the someone i never believed
in my deepest hopes
i really deserved to have.

when i long for someone
when i yearn for someone's touch
someone's presence
someone to be with

you are that someone

©2009-Art Belliveau

26 September 2009


When the school day is over,
And the homework is done,
Before the bath and bedtime,
We make time for some fun.

We watch TV and we color,
We talk and we laugh;
We have fun together,
'Cause fun's the best thing to have.

©2009-Art Belliveau

24 September 2009


Tantalus had it easy
all he had to contend with
was eternal thirst and hunger

i have to contend
with the untouchable nearness
of you

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 9/23/09

facing tomorrow
is never all that easy
but it must be done

©2009-Art Belliveau

23 September 2009


when i am with you
touching you
holding you
when we are closest together
i still find myself
hungry for your company
never getting full enough

©2009-Art Belliveau

21 September 2009

eternal recurrence

like a mobius strip
always and eternally
moving forward
never retracing a single step
yet always recovering the same ground

©2009-Art Belliveau

20 September 2009


the thought of your touch
warms me
soothes my hurt
comforts me
eases my anxieties

imagine what
the real thing does

©2009-Art Belliveau

100 letters

with 100
i can create
all the words
i want to tell you


only if
i can pull
the right ones
from the sack

©2009-Art Belliveau

19 September 2009

The Secret

forlorn they cling together
for the moment
standing near a pool of light
in a sea of darkness

reality is what it is
not what they
would have it be

learning to live
within those rules

that is the secret

©2009-Art Belliveau

17 September 2009

Early Halloween Poem

There's an old house, at the end of the street,
Where on Halloween night, all the spooks like to meet.
You cannot get in, cause the living are barred,
But you can see the skeletons bone dance in the yard.
Phantoms float around; they stop and have chats.
Vampires come too, they fly in as giant bats.
The werewolves run everywhere, howling like mad,
The Pumpkin Heads' faces are all angry or sad.
By the time it is sun-up the party's all through,
The finger food's gone, there's no more witch's brew.
And until next year the monsters are gone,
From this haunted old house, they all have withdrawn.
They'll meet here again next year--and every year after,
To have fun and to party with maniacal laughter.

©2009-Art Belliveau

16 September 2009

senryu 9/16/09

tomorrow comes fast
it lingers for just seconds
then is yesterday

©2009-Art Belliveau

15 September 2009

limerick 9/15/09

There was an old teacher named Art
Who when grading never could start
He'd put off till tomorrow
The trouble he'd borrow
Even though he knew twas not smart

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 9/15/09

i know you are there
i reach out for your comfort
please don't pull away

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 9/15/09

stress assails me
i struggle through paperwork
i made my own mess

©2009-Art Belliveau

haiku 9/14/09

an aging beagle
is sleeping in her soft bed--
what does she dream of?

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 9/13/09

tottering between
feelings of hope and despair
as we move forward

©2009-Art Belliveau

12 September 2009

your reality

there are many times
when the imagined event
is so much better than
the reality


the reality of
time spent with you
exceeds imagination

©2009-Art Belliveau


a hand
reaches out
snatched back
as if from fire
as if from ice

reaches out
and again

each time
fingers singed
by frosty flames

each time
fingers numbed
by blazing bergs

frozen and burned

but still
reaches out
yet determined

to touch
to feel
the frigid forbidden fire
of its

©2009-Art Belliveau

11 September 2009

Being Bad

There are times when being bad
Just feels so damn good
You know you really shouldn't
But you also know you could

Pushing and stretching the limits
Ever closer to that line
And sometimes you go across it
And it feels just so damn fine

Later, when there's time to reflect
You prepare for guilt's coming attack
But the ambush never happens
And it's so good you have to go back

©2009-Art Belliveau

10 September 2009

politics as usual

speaking past each other
their words unheard
by their opposition
plowshares pounded into swords
the simple mandate
Love One Another
ignored and trampled
politics as usual

©2009-Art Belliveau

08 September 2009

senryu 9/08/09

we are all siblings
making up the U.S.A.--
please remember this

©2009-Art Belliveau

07 September 2009

senryu 9/07/09

tomorrow comes fast
yet it always seems somehow
never to arrive

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 9/06/09

all of the Gospels
teach us to care for others
why won’t we listen?

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 9/05/09

never far away
I hold you close in my heart
however distant

©2009-Art Belliveau

04 September 2009


it is not
an abyss
when i stare
at a blank sheet of paper
or blank computer screen
i know
i know
that it
is staring back

©2009-Art Belliveau

03 September 2009

danger of killing time

deadlines loom
time has become
spiteful even

seeking revenge
for all the
i killed in idleness

if only i could
resurrect them
i might have
time enough

©2009-Art Belliveau

02 September 2009


I am not afraid
of being alone

it is just that
i hate hate hate it
i am lonely

and that can happen
in a crowd

oddly enough
with you

©2009-Art Belliveau

01 September 2009



all or nothing
win or lose
yes or no
right or left
right or wrong

in a black and white world
of sharp dichotomies
I spend my time
fruitlessly (or not)
a middle ground
a bit of grey

if only
to comfort myself
in my own lack
of certainties

©2009-Art Belliveau

31 August 2009


to move
i’m hip deep
in wet cement
to an achor
there is no
going back
i am forced
to keep
struggling on

©2009-Art Belliveau

lazy day

a lazy

so much

it is stolen
a busy

©2009-Art Belliveau

29 August 2009

looking for...?

shuffling through songs on the iPod
switching radio and tv stations
scanning the contents of fridge and pantry
never satisfied
with what i have
i have it
looking for that perfect...

©2009-Art Belliveau


there is something to be said
for the silence
of a late night alone
if it is said
that silence is broken
and then what?

©2009-Art Belliveau

27 August 2009

senryu 8/27/09

a hasty remark
rattled off when exhausted--
a heart exploded

©2009-Art Belliveau

26 August 2009

haiku 8/26/09

soft rains fall outside
the parched earth drinks in deeply
Southern summer night

©2009-Art Belliveau

25 August 2009



i can’t remember when i lost you
for so many years we were one
weirdly enough
at first i didn’t notice you were gone
you had been slipping away from me
piece by piece
each piece forever gone
how could i have missed that?
after i lost you
the world lost some of its gleam
a darker and more cynical view
became my norm
now i see you again
however briefly
in my daughter
i can get the vicarious thrill
of your presence once more
until she loses you

©2009-Art Belliveau

24 August 2009

i know you're out there

i know you're out there
living your life
loving your kids
doing your job
buying groceries
reading books
watching tv
all without me

©2009-Art Belliveau

haiku 8/24/09

slowly turtle's head
peeks up out of the water
then disappears fast

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 8/24/09

up too late again
stomach churns with butterflies--
excitement or fear?

©2009-Art Belliveau

23 August 2009

taking time

so much time
demanded by
“necessary” things
like work
like cleaning the house
like taking care of the yard
never time for


time is taken
taken from the “necessities”
taken for the important

an afternoon at the park
the gabble, gabble, honk of
blending and mixing with
the laughter and shouts of
playing children

wife and husband
sitting in the shade
reading, watching, listening
mother and father
playing with child
holding hands
buying ice cream from a truck
and making a memory

the important takes precedence
the necessary

©2009-Art Belliveau

22 August 2009


i felt lost
lost in a place
as familiar as
my own bathroom
lost in space
and time
looking for some trail
some sign
some something to tell me
where I was
where I was going
and then
I found

©2009-Art Belliveau

21 August 2009

i wish that you could see

i wish that you could see
the man i grew into
the man you helped me to become
through your years of example
through your love
even though you were not perfect
you always did your best
inspiring me
to try to do the same

©2009-Art Belliveau

20 August 2009

little did i know

i had thought
for so many long years
that the drummer i marched to
could be heard only by me

little did i know
somewhere out there
you were marching also
in lockstep with
my drummer
and me

©2009-Art Belliveau

19 August 2009

the battle begins

the battle begins
each side takes its position
it may be over quickly
or may drag on and on
seemingly endless
wails of agony
shouted threats
tears and submission
and when this battle ends
the next is still in sight
even for a first grader
homework happens

©2009-Art Belliveau

18 August 2009

unintentional muse

unintentional muse

simply talking to you
simply thinking about you
replenishes the well
and makes me more able
to allow the words
to flow freely
from my fingers
to the page

©2009-Art Belliveau


i write a trail of breadcrumbs
hoping against hope
that you will be able to follow
this ephemeral trace of my intentions
before it fades away

©2009-Art Belliveau

17 August 2009

reading between the lines

reading between the lines
looking for words that
were meant but never written
seeking messages
that only you can find
hoping that the meaning you receive
is the meaning that was meant
and not just
wishful thinkiing

©2009-Art Belliveau

16 August 2009

haiku 8/16/09

rain falls heavily
absorbed thirstily into
parched earth below

©2009-Art Belliveau


like a phantom limb
that still feels attached
that still feels pain
even absent
you are always with me

©2009-Art Belliveau

15 August 2009

senryu 8/14/09

yawning my head off
school's first week is history
time to go to bed

©2009-Art Belliveau

13 August 2009

The P.B. Solution

The P.B. Solution

Keeping a beagle busy
Isn’t very hard;
All you need is an open door,
And a great big, fenced-in yard.

But what if it is raining out,
Or it’s getting really late?
Then you just need some peanut butter--
Trust me, it works great!

Take a heaping fingerful
And stick it on top of her nose;
She will lick and lick and lick,
While jumping to and fro.

After all the p.b.’s eaten,
And she looks ready to calm down,
She’ll come back and beg for more--
To go another round.

So you just need good ole peanut butter,
When your beagle’s getting bored.
Just a simple fingerful,
And your her boredom will be cured.

©2009-Art Belliveau

12 August 2009

Ladonia Night

under a moonless august sky
cranky crickets and desultory dogs
exchange repeated greetings
traffic from the unseen highway
adds an urgent undertone
of miles to go before sleep
fitfully a breeze eases past
cool currents of air
promising the summer’s heat
will one day end

©2009-Art Belliveau

11 August 2009

haiku 8/11/09

sticking in my lungs
sludgy and thick--hard to breathe
peanut butter air

©2009-Art Belliveau

10 August 2009

Triolet--The School Year Starts Up Once Again

The school year starts up once again.
Eager faces enter that first morn,
Ready once more to work with books and pen.
The school year starts up once again.
They make it through another year and then,
The cycle is reborn.
The school year starts up once again.
Eager faces enter that first morn.

©2009-Art Belliveau

09 August 2009


I am
drowning in masks
I wonder
which one will I wear now
(of course)
it is too daunting to go out

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 08/08/09

exhaustion breaks me
physical, emotional
another year starts

©2009-Art Belliveau

07 August 2009

senryu 08/07/09

rising resentments
fear-filled phantasms fueling
deepening divides

©2009-Art Belliveau

06 August 2009

Limerick 8/06/09

Waiting for school to start
The time just seems to dart
The minutes whiz by
In the blink of an eye
At a speed that frighten's my heart

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 08/05/09

how can I tell you
who I truly am inside
when I'm so unsure

©2009-Art Belliveau

04 August 2009

haiku 4 August

I open the door
a wall of thick air hits me--
Hi, humidity.

©2009-Art Belliveau

03 August 2009

An American Example

Booker T. Washington
Frederick Douglass
Martin Luther King, Jr.
iconic names
fighters for freedom
advocates of equality
ironic names
of housing projects
and schools
devoid of diversity
hollowed of hope
an American example
of style over substance

©2009-Art Belliveau

02 August 2009

haiku 2 August

the dragon and swan
swim through August’s sea of stars
toward summer’s end

©2009-Art Belliveau

Florida Night

night winds rise
from the blackened sea
palm leaves rustle
the susurration
of the waves
bougainvillea’s sweet scent
floating free
in the subtropical night
your hand
warm in mine
your heart
entwined in mine

©2009-Art Belliveau

01 August 2009

the perfect student

once upon a time
I was the teacher and you
the student
my pedantic lessons were not
what I wanted to teach
my boring lectures not the words
I wanted to say

and you
the perfect student
disregarded the pretense
of my pedagogy
heard past the scripted
words and attitudes
and learned the lesson
I could not teach aloud

©2009-Art Belliveau

even when...

even when...

even when I cannot hear you
the sweetness of your voice fills my ears

even when I cannot see you
the loveliness of your face fills my eyes

even when I cannot hold you
the warmth of your soft body fills my arms

even when you are gone so long
the nearness of your love fills my soul

©2009-Art Belliveau

30 July 2009


blinking lights
running wild
and light
seizure-inducing speed

©2009-Art Belliveau

29 July 2009

Birthday Limerick

There was a girl from Smith Station
Who was a stunning sensation
She stole my heart
Because she is smart
And walks with an awesome gyration

©2009-Art Belliveau

I Want to Be a Pirate

I want to be a pirate
And sail the seven seas
I want to sail a pirate ship
And feel a salty breeze

I want to hoist the mainsail
And make someone walk the plank
I want to fly the pirate flag
After the enemy sank

If I could only be a pirate
I would act real mean and grim
But I’ll never be a pirate
Unless I learn to swim

©2009-Art Belliveau

27 July 2009


last week of summer
school starts soon
everything begins again
another spin of the year
another chance
another opportunity
I hope that summer never ends

©2009-Art Belliveau


traveling down deserted
stretches of road
nothing in sight

I think of you

©2009-Art Belliveau


late at night
I look up
to see the stars
nothing is there
the obscuring clouds

©2009-Art Belliveau

23 July 2009

Time for Bed

I go into your darkened room
lights out, but for
the angel in the wall
Final kisses
Final hugs
“You’re my good girl”
I whisper with my kisses
“And you’re my good Daddy”
you reply with conviction
as you hug me tight
with everything in me
that’s just
what I want to be

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 07/22/09

Internet again?
I just love my computer--
All my friends live there

©2009-Art Belliveau

21 July 2009

even in the midst of

even in the midst of
chaotic clamor
my soul embraces
a calmness
listening to
internal silence
echoing from
memories of solitude

©2009-Art Belliveau

20 July 2009

because I have you

hundreds of miles
separate us
the sky is cloud covered
and black
no one is near for miles
but I cannot be alone
in the dark
because I have you

©2009-Art Belliveau

19 July 2009

in the deep stillness

in the deep stillness
of the unpeopled wilderness
in the silence from conversation
the loudest voice i do not hear
is yours

©2009-Art Belliveau

18 July 2009

A Summer's Day Parade

A Summer's Day Parade

Who can be bored on a summer’s day?
There’s so much to see.
As I was laying out on my front lawn,
All these things went right past me:

A bunny eating a carrot
A narwhale skarfing down krill
A cowpoke riding a bucking bull
(That one gave me a thrill)
A dragon spitting a fount of fire
An angel dog guarding us all
A tiger stalking a two headed pig
A clown balancing on a ball
A flock of penguins
A bighorned ram
A chimpanzee
A little lost lamb

All of this I laid there and watched,
As the day just breezed on by.
Laying there comfy on my front lawn,
Watching the clouds go by.

©2009-Art Belliveau

Everyone Said...

Everyone Said...

Everyone said that the Earth was flat,
Go to far and over the edge you’d bound.

Everyone said that the Earth stood still,
And it was the sun that traveled around.

Everyone said if people should fly,
God would have given us wings.

So why should we listen to what Everyone says?
Everyone's wrong 'bout so many things.

©2009-Art Belliveau

17 July 2009

The Grup-a-lup

The Grup-a-lup

The grup-a-lup just plods along,
Without a word, without a song.
Without rest, it plods ahead
From when it's born, until it's dead.
It never stops; it rarely slows.
Why it keeps going, no one knows.
It never eats or takes a drink,
Or changes course or stops to think.
Having no fun, it's journey never ends.
I'm glad I'm not a grup-a-lup, aren't you, my friends?

©2009-Art Belliveau

Molly Had a Sleepover

Molly Had a Sleepover

Molly had a sleepover,
All her best friends were there.
With sleeping bags and giggles,
All of them walked on air.

Kat, and Kylie, and Kaiden,
Came for a night of fun.
They were ready for the party.
It would be the bestest one.

First they got into their p.j.s,
And then they watched TV.
They ate some ice cream and some chips,
And drank a gallon of sweet tea.

They played with their stuffed animals.
Had a midnight tea party.
They did each other’s hair and nails,
They were beautiful to see.

They dug out Molly’s jewelry,
And put on a fashion show.
They were going full speed now,
Not one of them did slow.

They went into the bedroom
And shut off all the lights.
They took turns telling sacry stories.
They gave themselves the frights.

They squealed and and jabbered all night long,
Until into the sky the sun crept.
And finally after a night of fun,
As the morning came, they slept.

©2009-Art Belliveau

15 July 2009

Just Do It

Just Do It

When you’re told that something
Simply can't be done,
You just smile and nod your head.
And then, instead of believing that,
Go out and do it instead.

©2009-Art Belliveau

Think Pink

Think Pink

I love to wear pink,
From my toes to my hair.
My good Sunday clothing,
And all my beachwear.

It drives my dad crazy;
He don’t know what to do.
He just keeps on saying
That boys should wear blue.

©2009-Art Belliveau

14 July 2009



Take one mountain range
cool with sprinkling of snow
on top peaks
brush in shadows
slowly deepening
cover with dripping
honey-colored sunset
observe from distance
as mountains
boil to blackness

©2009-Art Belliveau

13 July 2009



future visions
churning yearning in the soul
deep desires
longed for wishes
help to keep us sane and whole
fuel ambitions
fire passions
help us reach
our heart-held goals

©2009-Art Belliveau

12 July 2009



layer a sprinkling of stars
twinkling in a velvet black sky
over a mixture of sea & sand
stir the stygian sea to create
waves, flecked with luminescent foam
lapping gently onto the warm beach sand

add one pregnant sea turtle laying eggs
& a half dozen or so
awestruck & silent boy scouts
(hidden behind a garnish of sea oats)
marinate in silvery moonlight & stillness
for several minutes

Yields wonder, awe, and a new respect
for nature

©2009-Art Belliveau

Elegy for Bonnie

Elegy for Bonnie

soft, sad beagle eyes
staring at me
just watching
tail wagging as I near
head popping up, alert
wanting me to pay attention
coming to me as I sit
putting her head beneath my hand
willing me to get the idea
and start scratching

eating furtively, timidly
stopping if I get too close
wanting reassurance it’s okay to eat more
each encouragement lasting for just one bite
then looking up again
as if for permission
onece again

wanting out
needing out
dancing with impatience
in front of me
as much as saying, “Pay attention!”
relief streaming from her
as I let her into the backyard

wanting in
so grateful when I open the door
tail wagging, whole back end wagging
head down, grinning, sneezing and snuffling
taking care when crossing the door
afraid her former human will hurt her again
relived that I am here instead

rolling on her back
exposing her stomach
waiting to be scratched
trusting and loving

still living in memory
still alive in my heart

©2009-Art Belliveau

10 July 2009

The Door

The Door

I see a door half open,
Or maybe it's half shut.
Perhaps I should go through it,
But if I do--then what?

I don't know what's on the other side,
And I'm half-afraid to see.
Through that door there could be danger,
Or perhaps my opportunity.

There's just one way for me to know;
I must go out and take a look.
I must this time show courage.
Or mourn the chance I never took.

©2009-Art Belliveau

09 July 2009

Day Dream

I have a mind that wanders;
It goes most anywhere.
And as it travels far and wide,
Into the sky I stare.

In my flights of fancy,
I don't need anything.
I can take off from the Earth,
And to the sky take wing.

I soar above the topmost clouds,
And venture into space.
I drink in the Milky Way,
As past the moon I race.

I leave our Solar System,
Our galaxy, our--sheesh!
My mind can get so far away,
When I let it slip the leash.

©2009-Art Belliveau

Rubaiyat of the Carousel

Rubaiyat of the Carousel

Riding my horse as it moves up and down.
See the lights, hear the noise as I go round and round.
Chasing a dragon; pursued by a pig.
Calliope playing--no happier sound.

Ahead moves a tiger bigger than big.
As I travel in circles on this fancy rig.
Not so fast I am dizzy, not so slow I am not.
Liquid laughter surrounds me, and I take a swig.

I want to keep riding and never get caught.
Free from all cares, I am one happy tot.
I want to keep riding and never slow down.
The lure of the carousel cannot be fought.

©2009-Art Belliveau

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Rock-a-bye baby,
In the tree top.
Someone should arrest
Your mom and your pop.
Putting a baby
Up in a tree
Doesn’t sound right
Or real safe to me.

©2009-Art Belliveau

07 July 2009


a message I had hoped for
happiness refound

©2009-Art Belliveau

06 July 2009

the only way

the only way
to communicate
to let you know
that I am here
and you are not--
not forgotten--
is through
the words
of a poem

and even if
i never hear from you
i am here
and you
you will never be--
never be forgotten

©2009-Art Belliveau

05 July 2009

and he held it in the palm of his hand

and he held it in the palm of his hand
knowing it wasn’t really his
knowing it could so easily disappear
and it started to
it began to float away

he squeezed his bearlike hand shut
trapping in it
the broken pieces
that could never
be remade

©2009-Art Belliveau

4th of July

Flowers of fire in the sky.
Brilliant explosions way up high.
Blue and green and red and gold...
Watching fireworks never gets old.

©2009-Art Belliveau

4th of July

parking deck--top floor
setting sun, cool breeze, clear sky
waiting for fireworks

©2009-Art Belliveau

03 July 2009

Mixed Emotions

I woke up feeling sick today and got to stay in bed.
You may think that made me happy, missing school.
But I am not overjoyed, I’m miserable instead.
Cause getting sick in the summer isn’t cool.

©2009-Art Belliveau


There is a monster under my bed.
He is my friend.  His name is Ed.
He is invisible.  I never see him.  
I think he’s stuck here.  I want to free him.

How to get Ed out and keep him unharmed,
And without Momma seeing (she’d be alarmed),
That is the puzzle I must figure out.
And it is a toughie, of that there’s no doubt.

I have tried and tried to find Ed a new place.
And a new friend, who he can embrace.
I put an ad in the paper and stay by the phone.
And invite them over when I am alone.

So far Ed’s met forty-nine new little friends.
But it’s kinda weird how it always ends.
I step outside and while I am gone,
The new friend disappears and Ed has withdrawn.

So, if you need a monster for under your bed,
Just give me a call and I’ll let you meet Ed.
And if he doesn’t eat you, you may take him home,
To put under your bed, from which he’ll never roam.

©2009-Art Belliveau

01 July 2009

senryu 07/01/09

precision cooking
"order up!  your order's up!"
short order cook's life

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 06/30/09

tunes for a nickel
oldies start blasting away
old-fashioned jukebox

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 06/29/09

smell of grilling meat
the bustle of the diner
chilhood mem'ries live

©2009-Art Belliveau

senryu 06/28/09

southern lunch counter
all races eat together
my, how times have changed

©2009-Art Belliveau

27 June 2009

senryu 06/27/09

in the night’s quiet
forestalling loneliness there’s
always, only, you

©2009-Art Belliveau

Star Light, Star--Oops!

Star light,
Star bright,
First star I see tonight,
Wait a minute--that’s not right!
You are moving left to right.
You must be a satellite!

©2009-Art Belliveau